Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Final Family Photos

I now have a new favorite photo.....

Isnt this gorgeous!!

Enough to make any Mum as proud as punch of her babies...

They are beautiful arnt they???

And whats more, just plain great kids!! Im so lucky!!!

Thanks Kaysie for these beautiful piccies!!


Then we have the other extreme.....

Yeh!!! Great face Emelia!!!

And the three of us while Josh was deciding whether or not to join us!!

He hates having his photo taken!!!

Thanks again Kaysie, these are beautiful!!!


lindy said...

Beautiful Pics Jodi

kerry said...

well you all scrub up okay.Beautiful pics.take care Kerry xx

Ness said...

Really beautiful photos Jodi, you have a lovely family

Kaysie said...

Thanks jode.. Easy when you have gorgeous subjects



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