Saturday, November 29, 2008


We had a night of vrey heavy rain last night....
Infact 82 mil of rain in 40 minutes!!!
We arent in flood zone, but we are in the middle of a hill, which means all the water and debree that gets washed down from the hill seams to come through our yard!!!
Here is a photo. Behind them in the culvert which is supposed to catch all the flow off!!! It didnt!!! It flooded!!!

The poor rabbits and guinie pig were sitting in the middle of it trying to swim for it!!!
So Stu & JOsh had to perform a rescue!!

Behind them is also my achieve shed!!
All the kids baby clothes and toys are stored in this shed, with their books and 1001 other things....
5" of water and mud went through it!! SO today, Mum and i were on cleanup duty!!
Also, my balloons and weddings workshop got flooded. About 2 - 3 inches went through it...
This is the photo of that area!!

This frog found a safe place to sit it out!!!
We also had a tree go down!!!

Here it is today...

With all the rain we got, and the 180mil that Tamworth got, Gunnedah is about t flood. It should reach the peak about midnight.
All the houses are being evacuated.. So sad for them!! SO much work to clean it all up!!!
At lunch time today the water was at those seats and green bin that can just be seen. This is the spot that the kids usually walk their horses through....


Jayne said...

wow jodi hope all your stuff is okay. Guessing your washing in the first photo didn't get dry either lol.

Joanne said...

Hope your all alright and there wasnt too much damage.

Lisa A said...

Oh NO the rabbits a couple of days ago we were worried because of the cat and now it receeding flood water...WHAT NEXT


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