Monday, November 10, 2008

A Night of MADNESS

Here is Gary my baby brother.... although you wouldnt think so to look at him!!
Hes the funniest bloke... just add Bourbon!!
The weekend before last, Gary, Kel & Lucas came to Gunnedah for the night. So we had a bbq!!
Of course with Matching Evo Cars (Which are these hot fanzy turbo cars) tearing up the town behind each other - they were a site!!!

We had the BBQ at Mums, and as has become custom, we always play some type of pool after... depending the the abilities of the players - sometimes quite serious and other times not at all serious!!!!
this was one of those later games
Gary & I competed with one another...... He is so funny honestly!!! Full of Bourbon and Bullshit!!

Gary relied on his bulls&^t and i relied on cheating!!! He beat me in the end i think.. although who can remember... It was pretty close anyway....

For photos, Gary added the chalk to his eye... So fuuny, he would say pass the chalk and rather than chalking his stick, would lick it!!!! So its no surprise it ended up in the eye!!!
And of course, Gary wanted to show off his skills as a smoker!!!
Now, Gary doesnt smoke - has never smoked!! Even as a little kid, didnt even sneak a smoke....
But lately, he taken to having a (>>>>????>>> he called them something - i cant remember) but hes taken to having a smoke!!!
He was showing of his newly aquired tricks!!!

Hes so funny!! We always enjoy having him and Kel around.... This is the guy thats about to become a father too....

We think he is growing up. Hes the youngest 36 year old you'd ever know!!!King of the Kids... But it makes for a fun loving parent thats full of energy!!

He will make a wonderful dad!!

Dont tell Mum hes been smoking will you???? LOL


Lisa A said...

you both look alike...Its great when family come over for a bbq, we had my mum and stepdad over on saturday just gone

Anonymous said...

Jodi sounds like you had a great night, I love all your layouts, the Melbourne cup layout is gorgeous.

Carole xx


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