Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm sharing with you..... but i dont like it!!!!

God help me get this weight off!!!!
Looking at these horrible photos tells me one thing!!!!!
Well two things.....

Its gotta GO!!!
Jodi, get off your very fat arse and do something!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!

Here is me Batting at Softball today!!!
I got one home run, got caught out - straight to the pitcher!!! And swung out!!!
But i did field one out too, so that was OK!!

Here is an action shot i got....
Look, you can see the ball!!!!
The pitcher really reeled it in fast for the guys, but slowed it down for us, thank ggodness!!!

So far its 3 games for 3 wins!!!!


kerry said...

Jodie dont be so hard on yourself at least you are out playing softball thats a start.take care Kerry xx

Lisa A said...
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Lisa A said...

Hey Jodi,
I sympathise with you all the way, keep checking out Kosmo's Blog and i will post a pic of me too...Maybe we could do it together


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