Saturday, May 14, 2011

Things I am loving!

I was stalking Brenda's blog this morning and came across this from PasleyJade
Things i am loving!

I thought it might be the perfect opportunity to reflect on things I'm loving!
Its been quiet stressful at home recently 
with my Brother who has severe brain injury!
Its just all about him at the moment!
And i do like caring for him and making sure that he will be cared for appropriately, its just that its so intense!
So focus on something im loving!!!

I love that i have the kind of husband who allows me to be frivolous!
That I could drive to Sydney on Mothers Day
Stay at a nice Hotel
and spend alot of money attending this scrapbooking class!!
And then another one!!!
Im lucky that we have that kind of freedom in our marraige!

I am loving that Emelia is finding her place in the World
at Ag College!!
This is such a huge relief!

I do prefer Maccas Coffee
but i dont have that photo!
Im loving Maccas Coffee in the morning!
I do, and i am tonging for one right now!!!

You too can play along
see here


Jeannie from said...

Great things to love! Remember to pm me and address when he is settled..ok??

lindy said...

Yep gotta have that coffee in the morns ...hugs to you
Lindy xo

PaisleyJade said...

So glad you joined in - and that you could find some things you are loving right now while going through so much! Mmmmm.... coffee!!


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