Saturday, May 14, 2011

Graphic 45 - Sydney!! - I did that!

I know it was terribly self indulgent,
But I took myself all the way to Penrith for the Graphic 45 classes being run by
My Creative Journey!
They have a schedule of classes on their facebok page!

I left on Mothers Day!!
I know! Shock! Horror! How selfish of me!
I did get a little spoilt before i left though
with a Darrell Lee 10 gallon drum of different indulgences
three DVDs from Josh
and a txt from Emelia (I was lucky to get that!!)

Then I hopped in the car headed for Penrith
I followed this Restored Dodge Ute till Muswellbrook!
It was so nice, with the rabbit foot hanging from the arial!!

I dont mind drying along by myself
I can listen to what I want to
I can sing as loud as I want and i dont even have to ring the correct words!
I can stop when I want!
Go to the toilet as often as i want!

Imagine my shock when i pulled into the Penrith Panthers Chifley
and saw this in the car park!!!
OMG! I think i have had them once years ago at the Sydney Airport...

So I bought a caramel latta and two donuts!
The coffee was neither here nor there
(I still prefer Maccas)
And the donut i had was a bit yuck!
So I didnt eat the other one!!  Until the next day when i was waiting for NRMA with the Wagga ladies and i tucked into then cause i was starving!!
I ate the wrong one the day before, this one was a butterscotch crunch one or somthing!!

The Wagga ladies arrived quiet late and we went for dinner....
(I didnt as i already had KFC! Big Mistake!!)
This is Kim, Kath & Marg!
Turns out I went to school with Kath's little Sister Dianne!!!
Small word hey!!! 

On Monday it was off to the Graphic 45 Class!!
What a stroke of genius from Sherry Mendoza to organize the Your Creative Journey Workshops!
If you haven't heard about these,
Sherry has teachers coming from all over the world to teach classes all over Australia!
There is a website here and a facebook page here
They are a little more than you might be used to paying, but so worth it!!!

Here is the little shadow box we made. 
I am still to finish it, but i will and show better photos!

And here is the film Cannister we made...
Same deal, will show better photos when i am done!

The Graphic 45 Ladies were just like their products!
For fancy and fluffy and gorgeous!
So for future reference, the dress code for any future Graphic 45 classes is Black & Bling!
This is Mummy Graphic, Diane

And this isnt the best photo
but this is the Graphic 45 daughters
Aimee & Charee

I got to meet some gorgeous people that i have stalked online!
This is Lisa who is also a Scrapbook Creations Diva!
I met up with Lisa and Sandra Staples (Who is the leader of the DT for WOW)
and they generously allowed me to adopt them as BFFs!!
We enjoyed a lovely lunch together at the Panthers.

And my old mate from Armidale Peg Hewitt!
I met Peg last year at the Keepit retreat!
We shared a room together on Monday night 
at Sherry's place!

And this photo is testament to the great time we had...
notice the black eyes and the bags!!!
This is Sherry, who graciously offered me a bed next to Peg, so i could do the night class!
Thanks so much Sherry!

And that was my graphic 45 journey!
Cant wait til the next classes!!


Jeannie from said...

Were you a student or a teacher? It looks like you had a fabulous time with your fabulous friends:)

Kylie said...

love the look like you had a great time with kim,marg and cathy

heirloomscrapping said...

OMG can the photo's of me lovely LOL it was awesome and yep its worth every cent
And yes we are so lucky that Sherry is broinging these amazing people to Australia

Sherry's Creations said...

Hey Jodi,
Thanks so much for your lovely words and support, it means a lot! :) xxx


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