Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Layout and some updates on my Brother

The new Polka Dot Place Kit
Apple Blossom Place was released on Sunday
Purchase here
and here is one layout i have managed to do so far...
"Look Daddy Plane"

I took Matt for a walk out side today!
Its the fist time outside for anything other than transfers between ambulances in over 2 months!
It was such a nice day too
We went for a walk over to the Tourist Information Centre
and took Matt shopping
He loves to shop!
I remember when we visited him in Port a couple of years ago he and Emelia went shopping at Supre! Matt loved it! And then went everywhere else just looking!
Anyway he came out with a can of coke, a pencil with a koala on it,
a new dingo called Roger and a note pad to make his lists.
Then we just sat and watched the traffic and chewed the fat about life!
Its good to have these talks with him, he is getting alot of stuff out,
feelings he has had over the years and no one to express them to.
He life has been tough, with few fairdincum people!
But it was his choice, and i have to accept that.
But now he is with us, its really great to just talk about child hood and the things we did.
He remembers alot of stuff like it was yesterday, but still pretty confused about the here and now.
It will come good i dont doubt
I also think he will have Severe Brain Damage Dementia and its something he will have now always. There is no cure for it.

The poor bloke has been pestering for a smoke now for ages!
Finally he got one in his hands!!
I think he raised it to his mouth twice and dont think he actually puffed on it!
Just the whole process of holding it i think!
He has very little strength in his hands and it took a bit to keep it in place.
Mum & I were like following his hand every which way to make sure it didn't drop and burn him!!

The rug he is wearing is one i got him in Newcastle.
I was in a hurry and this is all i could find!
He just wanted something soft and fluffy was the request! 
And he loved it!
You will notice the restraint.
He has to be restrained unfortunately, as he thinks he can just get up and walk places, but he cant and falls.
He cant get anymore knocks to his head. He does wear a helmet when we are on the move, but it was hot in the sun, so i took it off for a bit.


Brenda said...

It's so nice that you can spend some quality time with your brother, nice that you can get out and about with him .

Thinking of you both!

lindy said...

That's great you can share some time together ...love your lo too Jodes


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