Friday, May 27, 2011

12WBT - Updates & Esteddfod Time Again

This was the view at the top of Porky today!
You cant really see it that well, but the whole town and surrounding farming area was covered in fog!
It looked so awesome from the top of the hill!!

You can kinda see it behind me here in this photo!

All going really well!
The food recipes are divine!
So nice and completely filling!
Im not craving anything really!
I'm secretly excited that i might actually achieve goal number one of 20 kilos!!

How many takes did it take to get this photo!!  OMG!
I decided to adopt a kid today and go to the Eisteddfod with Bridge and Amelia!
It was lovely! It totally makes you cry all the little kids trying so hard!
I thought Amelia's class was wonderful!
They ended up getting highly Commended

We are up on the balcony!
The room is so full of kids and excited parents!!

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Anonymous said...

OMG you had to share the worst photo of me ever :) was a nice morning , Wanna do it again tomoz ?? Mollie's turn


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