Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Have a secret...... 12WBT

Its part of the process
I am joining in Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation!
I have been looking around the blogs
and on the facebook, and there has been so much success with this!
So i thought i owe it to myself to do it!
Not try it! But DO it!!!

Part of the process is making a public commitment to stick with the program!
This is so funny, cause how many public comitments have I made on my blog??
Anyway, this is my public commitment 
to stick to the program
and to do everything i am told to do by Michelle....
(Except, I am gonna do different exercise, as what i have done and haven't done in the past has had varied results. I know that if i walk to the lookout everyday I will loose weight! I'm not going to gamble with the gym when i know it doesn't work for me!!)
In the following 12 weeks  I would like to loose 20 kgs!

Here i am today, right now as a matter of fact!

Im not sharing my weight with you! I think its obvious its too much!
But I will share the before photo cause you all see me anyway hey!! lol

So I thought i would also share some photos of my walk to the Lookout!
Its a total of 6.5kms.
3.25 all uphill!!!

Here are the ducks at the golf course on the way past....

You cant really see them properly!
But there was about 10 there this morning!

Looking up to the hill where I walk too!
It was covered in cloud this morning, you cant see to the top!

And then the steps!!!
There are steps most of the way up!
I started counting them today and then lost my spot at 4 due to the coughing and spluttering going on!! lol

More Steps

Getting into the cloud now....

More Steps

 At the top!
You can see how the town is covered in cloud in this photo
and then seconds later the wind started and blew it all away......

See in the selfie
All the cloud has just about gone and it was only seconds!!!!
And dont worry too much about the first thing in the morning look!!!  
Gorgeous hey!!!

So there we have it!
Day 2 of 12 weeks!
Wish me luck!!


Jeannie from PolkaCabana.wordpress.com said...

I am going to be your biggest cheerleader! I have never heard of the program! I am so out of shape it is not even funny! I can't believe you can do all those steps! I would pass out at about 5 of them! GO JODI GO! This is an awesome commitment! I wish I had the gumption to do something with my lazy butt:)

Debbie Lawrence said...

That is awesome Jodes, I will be following your journey.

Sarah said...

Good luck! I need some inspiration in the weight loss department...I'll use you for that, maybe that'll get my butt in gear...again lol ;)

Kathleen Blommestein said...

Congrats on the commitment Jodie.!
Good Luck!

Natalie said...

Good luck lovely!! :) :)
nat xoxox

Deb E said...

Well done Jodie. I admire you starting this program especially in winter. I met a lady in Bulahdelah a couple of weeks ago who has just completed her first 12 weeks and going again. Has lost heaps. She now has half the town doing it!!

Debbie (from Scrap with V retreats)

Leonie said...

Go Jodie Go!!! Good luck on your Journey!


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