Wednesday, May 25, 2011

12WBT - Weigh InOne

Considering I started this on Monday!
There isnt much loss! I was actually secretly wishing for me!
But Ya get that hey!
So Im only down .2! 

It was raining this morning at 7am when i get up to walk...
And poor Stu spent the night in the fetal position on the lounge due to Kidney Stones
All I heard all night was his moaning in agony!
So there wasn't much sleep in our house last night!

But after getting my jobs done this morning
and my deliveres
the rain stopped and i headed upto Porky around lunch time!

I multi tasked and got all my phone calls done while i was at it!
Until the steps started and then i had to hang up!!!

By the way, I counted them today!
In the .8km section there are 205 steps to the top!!!
No wonder my legs are so sore!!!
Varying heights but 205 none the less!

Here is me at the top today!

Here is a 180 photo over the other side of Porky
This looks out over onto farm land!
There are lots of white dots out there at the moment with Cotton Harvest!

You can kinda see them right at the back there...

Also updates on Matt

We took Mat to the rehabilitation doctor in Tamworth yesterday
They did have him assessed in John Hunter as not being a candidate for Rehab
but the Doctor here wanted to make sure we have looked at all the options.
But after reading all his notes and lengthy discussions with Us and Matt,
he thought that he wasn't suitable.
There is no chance of him walking again
or living independently at all!
He agreed that our discussions on placement in a High Care Facility that has funding for Young People is our best option for him
Thank goodness there is a place that is close, and we will be 
placing him there when all the paperwork is done!
He will have small improvements over the years, but it looks like this is it for him!
Very sad!
The guy that did it will only get a maximum 10 year sentence (But the detective said he wont get that long)
and his victim gets the rest of him life in a Nursing Home!
It doesn't seam fare does it!
Matthew wont be able to give evidence at the trial, therefore they aren't interested in his recal of the events.
So the judge or jury wont ever lay eyes on the victim or what he has now become because of this act of violence! its not at all fair!!

1 comment:

Peg said...

So awful and tragically unfair.

Gorgeous view for your walks and Wtg with those steps.


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