Monday, September 20, 2010

The Colour Room Palette #24

Well its a good thing i bought my scrapping gear with me to Emerald...
the shopping is way too tempting!!
Who would have thought there would be so much shopping
and so much to do in Emerald!!!!
I did google it before we left and they so have to work on their online presence...
i didnt find much at all online
and then i get here and there is all this stuff!!!!
But that means spending money, and i dont want to do that!
So its reading and scrapping
the exact same thing i would be doing at home!!! lol

But when Stu arrives (This afternoon sometime)
We will go tour the saphire mines and have a look a the damn and things...
But in the mean time ive been scrapping up a storm..
Done 3 singles, 2 doubles and nearly completed a
Words or Whatever Chair!!!
(Its so cute, just wait and see!!)

So here are two layouts for this weeks
The Colour Room Palette #24
The first features Emelia as usual...
Using MME Lost and Found range, loving this paper!!
And also handmade flowers!!!
And then i thought i would do something different!!!
This one features all kindas left over bits and peaces
and its called
"6 Seconds"
This is Jesse Stear Riding at the Upper Horton Junior Rodeo..


lindy said...

Love the lo's Jodes! can't wait to see the chair i bet it's stunning ...have fun playing the tourist

kerry said...

Really pretty layout Jodi i hope you are enjoying yourself looks like you are.TAke care Kerry xx

Martha Ples said...

I love the LO's, also the photo of the first one.
thanks for showing.

Maybe my English is not oké, but i love your site.

With love,


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