Sunday, September 19, 2010

Touring around Emerald

This is a HUGE painting that is featured at Emerald.
The park is
Emeralds Centenary of Federation Mosaic Pathway.
Its an awesome place,
with a pathway featuring Mosiacs based on Emeralds history...
features Vincent Van Gosh's Sunflowers..
Done by Cameron Cross.
Its the largest painting in the Southern Hemisphere...
Awesome hey!!
I decided to take a walk in the Botanic Gardens...
OMG this was beautiful!
It poured rain this morning, so is till quiet wet and meant that there was hardly anyone here.
So i wandered around all the paths
Looked at the different features...
I loved these...
They are the Federation Pillars
and the Yarn Pit
Had to do the selfie!!!
And i walked across this little rickedy bridge
which reminded me of the rickedy bridge in Vampire Dairies!!
I was waiting for Stefen to come out and take a piece out of me!!
But he didnt.....:( lol
I managed to get a little bit lost....
A found my way out of the mazes that were there...
I followed the yellow brick road!!
And made it back to the car with aching legs after about a 10 km walk!!
Thats the most exercise i have had in i dont know how long!! lol

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lindy said...

Great shots Jodes! did i see that you even bought your scrappin stuff lol!!


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