Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ruby Tuesday - Riding the Gate

I found another website
for photographers...
Ruby Tuesday is about Red

This is a photo from maybe 1976
Its a photo of my little brother Gary..
My family was friends with a group of guys, one of which became a famous Bull Rider
who went to America to make his mark in the Rodeo scene.
So these guys used to gather in our backyard
(And i never figured out why our place.... My brother were very young Gary was 3 and Mat was 7, and these kids were teenagers....)
But anyway gather they did.
And they fancied grooming Gary to be the next big thing in Rodoe.
He had to boots and the hat
and mum made him his shirt, complete with tassles.

In those days they were thrown on Potty Calves at this stage.
I think he had a couple of rides, but his career didn't last very long.
The guys got older, and playing with the little kids wasn't as much fun as chasing the girls...

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