Friday, September 17, 2010

We've Arrived.....

Well, it was a HUGE day of driving!!
Not hard driving, all back and country roads
we didnt get any traffic until Emerald..

But we are here!!!!
We left at 5.45am this morning
and got here about 4.30pm!!

We shared the driving,

Emelia probably drove nearly four hours!!
Got some rainy weather practise
and she overtook for the first time in pouring rain
and on a thin road!!!!
Had a bit of a play with my Ipod Hestpanic Camera...

We saw some hills, we're expecting any of those!!!

We also saw some cows... typical,
but not so typical were:
An ostrige standing on an upturned water tank
A goat up a tree
A black swan
Four Camels
A dead ichidna
Heaps of dead foxes and roos....

We did a drive by when we got here this arvo
and it looks awesome...
So tomorrow, she will rock up with her bag her swag
Jesse's cowboy hat and her old hightop boots
and see what this college thing is all about!!

Emelia got a bit bored....

1 comment:

Brenda said...

Man that was a huge drive to do in one day! I'm glad you both arrived safely!

Hope all goes well today for Emelia's first day!


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