Thursday, September 16, 2010


Emelia and I are taking a road trip..
Leaving tomorrow and driving straight through to
Emerald Queensland....
12 hours away!!!!

She is attending a week long "TASTE" course
at Emerald Ag College
This is just so she can have a look around
do some of the work
and generally see if she wants to spend the next four years there....
While she is there, i am staying at the Caravan Park in a Cabin
and will be indulging myself
in a Lone Scrap Retreat!!!
Packed up my scrapbooking stuff and a couple of Vampire Books
and just chill for a week!!!

There are a few toursity things to do in Emerald,
so i will have a look around...
Should be a nice break!!!
(Wish i was going to Ag College though, how much fun would that be!!!)
Damn kid has all the fun!! lol


phillipa said...

Have a good time Jode and watch out for those damned kangas!!!! See ya when ya get back!! Take care.

Anonymous said...

awww wish i could come LOL!! i would hang with you for the week and read vamp book yah what a week
relax and enjoy see you next week

kerry said...

Drive safley and i hope she enjoys her trip.TAke care Kerry xx


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