Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy 17th Birthday Emelia

Today my baby turns 17!!!
What a better way to spend her birthday
than the best place on earth!!
Kibah Cross Country Course!!!

She had a great day!!!
He jumped this first go this year!
Last year he had several failed attempts before he got the courage to go over...
Its a scary jump ok!! lol
Just enjoying the sunshine and entertainment...
This one had him a bit frightened at first,
but then mum yelled at him!
The down hill is always scary!
But didnt they all love the river!!!!
They tore through it...
Came out soaking wet,
horse, kid and all the gear!!!
Solo being as short as he was
saw him getting quiet deep!
Didn't worry him at all...
And see the looks on their faces!!
These kids and horses are in heaven!!
A lovely way to spend a birthday!!


Jules the Bling Princess said...

Happy 17th Birthday Emelia! Hope it was filled with love, sunshine and happiness!!! (Well, it certainly looked good in those photos!). (-: Hugs, Jules.

Brenda said...

Happy birthday to Emelia!

Great action shots Jodi, glad you both had the best time!


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