Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weight In Day - 5 Kilos Scrap Challenge

Ok I have alot more than 5 kilos to loose,
but i am joining in with a few other girls and hopefully find inspiration to
give things a good nudge.
Im not sharing my weight loss struggles with the wider community on my scrapbooking blog
But i do have another blog where anyone interested can apply to view it.
Here is the link

Wish me luck


Tracey said...

Hi Jodie I woul dlove to follow your New year Challenge Blog. Good Luck

Joanne said...

Good luck with the challenge and the new blog, I would love to follow it with you.

Karen Shady said...

hi lady :) hope everything is going well for you this week... good luck with the weight loss this week... remeber one step at a time :) take care my friend xx


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