Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring Ridge Casino Night

 Stu and I were invited to a fund raising night at Spring Ridge last night
Raising funds for Ronald McDonald House (I Think)
It was a Casino Night
and so much fun!
Here we are getting ready to go!
(I love this Photobooth App on iphone)

It was such a gorgeous drive across the plains at sunset

These aren't the best photos.... 
But it was just lovely, the temperature was low... and there was a bit of a breeze,
you can really feel Autumn just around the corner

When we got to the Country Club
The betting was in full swing!
There were the proper tables setup and dealers in place.
It cost an amount to join the night,
but for that amount you got $1000 gambling money

There was Blackjack, Roulette and Poker out the back

Someone already had pink, so i asked for these yellow ones
and i didn't go too bad.
I stayed at the Roulette Table.

I won a few bets..

We had a few drinks...
I was drinking Pina Coladas

 See, Im on my third, I already have two umbrellas in my piggytale
which meant i already had two...

Towards the end of our gambling
i ended up with grey chips
and they were very successful for me!
I just started betting on the one number
and you loose bigtime, but when you win, you win bigtime
its all playmoney, so i bet BIG!
And i had $6000 worth of chips in my had at one stage...

Such a fun night, think i will be heading there again next year!!!

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lindy said...

What a fun night Jodes ....great shots of you and Stu...


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