Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Update on Matthew....

Ive had lots of enquirers about my Brother Matthew
so i thought i would just update things.

As I mentioned last time, his recovery was much better than they expected.
But he had a serious fall from his bed and landed on his head where the skull bone has been removed
which left serious bruising on his brain!!!

(Here is a photo mum took last week, that lumpy head is his swollen brain)

So where before it looked like he may have eventually been able to leave hospital and live independently with some care, now it looks like it will be fulltime care.
They will try to get him somewhere closer to us for rehabilitation, but recovery to any extent doesn't look good. They are talking Nursing Home placement at this stage.

They are still marvelling at his will to live.
Twice over 6 weeks we have had the call to get to Newcastle as it looked like he wouldn't make it, and now twice he has fought to live.

Matts memory has lost a number of years. And thats probably a good thing really!
In his mind he is back when he was a strong minded independent person spending his days working, fishing and hanging out with his little brother. This was around that 15 years ago or so in Narrabri.

Being in bed all the time is frustrating him. He is dying for a smoke poor Man!
He has no feeling at all in his right side. He cant feel your hand in his or move anything.
He is getting his point across with his speech, but its still very mumbled.

Its going to be a long slog for the poor bloke.
But even like this, he is still alive and enjoying interaction with the Nurses. They all really like him.


Natalie said...

So sorry to hear about all this! My thoughts are with you and your family Jodi!! xoxox

lindy said...

Oh Jodes! thinking of you and your family at this terrible time hoping all goes well for Matt's recovery hugs xoxo

passion4pink said...

Hi Jodi
Sorry to hear the news, I had no idea. Please take care & if there is anything I can help u with, especially with the balloons & weddings etc I will b happy to help where I can.


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