Saturday, March 19, 2011

Birthday Party No 3

How lucky was i think year
to get 3 birthday parties!!
The third one happened yesterday when Mum & Ken came over
with a yummy Lemon Merange Pie
(I spelt that wrong hey)

(Arent they cute!!!)

And my pressie.......

 Can you guess what it is?
Its a miniature Parasol
Mum & Ken make these...
They made one to put in the show with a bed doll
and i thought, that will look totally awesome scrapped!!!
And begged them to make me one too....
And here it is!!!

Its totally PERFECT
Its made from skewers..
And Lace!
So adorable!!

Thank you Mummy & Poppy Ken!


phillipa said...

Oh YUM Jode...I love lemon meringue pie too! My favourite dessert!!

passion4pink said...

Ah so now we know where u get all your talent , that is a gorgeous little brolly


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