Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not Another Year Down!!!!!!

Dont you just have a love/hate relationship with Birthdays!!
Last Thursday 10th March
another one bit the dust for me!
But its always lovely to celebrate it with Family & Friends....
On Wednesday I went to lunch with Jack & Bridgey
we went to "The Verdict"
They spoil me and make me feel so special 
(Brenda got called to take her son to Rep Cricket so couldn't make it)

Then on my real birthday Thursday
Brenda & I attended Quilting Class....
During the quilting class i was so surprised when at
10.30 i was delivered a beautiful bunch of flowers...

Arent they divine!
These were from my son Josh!! Naw.....

Then at about 11.00am another bunch of flowers arrived....

These were from my husband...
Ok, someone is having a go at me!!! lol
(You see, i reminded Josh earlier in the week that "someone" was having a special day this week and that someone would be very happy to get some flowers for her special day!!!

then at 11.30
you guess it....
More arrived!!!

These were from Emelia.....
What a lovely surprise!!!
And not only for me, but also for the other ladies attending the quilting class!!

Here is my quilt so far..
Im so happy with it

Then Brenda and I went for lunch at the Thub Thim Thai Restaurant.
Ive never been there before, and ive been craving it ever since!
It was so Yummy!
And such a gorgeous setting.
It reminded me so much of Bali.
They have an adorable outdoor area that so relaxing, clean and beautiful!!!

Here is Brenda & I
and this is a photo of the cute little decoration that was on my plate
I still haven't worked out what the green stuff is...

When i got home at about 2 or so, i had some deliveries to do
and then Stu called out from the Kitchen

The boys had also arranged birthday cake!!!

Arent they good boys!!
This was the first birthday wihtout Emelia to rely on for all that other stuff
and Mum was in Newcastle with Matt,
so it was upto the Boys to pull it off and they did a wonderful job!
I had a very special day....

and to top it off
Stu & I then went to tea at the "Wild Orchard"

It was a perfect day...
Thank you to my wonderful family and friends...


Brenda said...

It looks as though you didn't have a minute to spare for two days straight! A two day birthday celebration.

Joanne said...

Happy birthday Jodi, it looks like you had a great day!!!
Sorry to hear about your brother I hope everything goes right for him.


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