Saturday, March 19, 2011

Update on my brother Matthew

Its funny isn't it.
Your baby siblings will always be your baby siblings
even when they are all grown up and tower over you!!!

It was just me and Mat for a few years...
I think i was 5 or 6 when Gary came along.
So Mat & I spent a few years playing together...

These are the years i try to remember him by...
I like how the dinkies and pram are lined up!! See I was always like
 "Everything has to be this way!!"
Those are chook houses in the background and that door in the middle was the old dunny!!

We went to Newcastle on Thursday
and were shocked to see his looking right at us and saying
"Hey, how ya goin"
It was the hugest shock!!

The last i heard about it, he wasn't coming out of the enduced coma well
and i was waiting on a phone call from the Doctors.
The call didn't come, and i didn't want to ring
having been up there and seeing how busy they are looking after everyone
you dont want to interrupt them when there are no changes anyway.
And the Doctor was going to ring, so i didn't think anything of it.
Then i just got this feeling that we should head over there.
So Mum & I headed over for a day trip.

You can imagine our surprise!!!
I rang the family straight away and when i rang his daughter
she was like "Yeh have they moved him yet, they said they were moving him to General Ward"
What?? How do you know?
They told Mum!!

I was so shocked!!!
No information had been passed onto his family at all about this!
But a good shock!

So anyway, he is now moved to general ward. 
The 52 staples that were in his skull have been removed.
His memory is ok, and he can get across what he wants.
On Thursday his speech was a little muffled and hard to understand.
But im sure that will improve with Therapy.
He has some slight movement issues with his right side.
But other than that, they are calling it a miracle.
Honestly, this boy is part feline, he has 9 lives!!!

I know i am so hoping with every fiber of my being that he turns his life around now.
We have come together to help him and we promised ourselves we would never do it again...
I so hope he does...
He had a visit from my Nanny Job while he was in the coma.
So we are hoping that she might have kicked him in the bum while she was there.
(Nanny Job passed away some years back, but is never far from our hearts)

Mum showed Matt some photos, just seeing what his memory was like.
When she showed him Nanna Job;s photo, he said
"She came to talk to me"
Mum asked "Who is it?"
He said "Nanna Job".

So heres hoping that he is on the mend, his body and his heart!

(Here were are at cuppa tea time)
Im the cute one in the dress and pants hehe


Charmane said...

WOW Jodi! Such wonderful wonderful news for you and your family. I am sooooo happy it looks like the best outcome!!! I pray for a speedy and total recovery for him! Love Charmane

Anonymous said...

just amazing Jodi. Nine lives part feline must be true. I hope he continues to get better and grow strong and stay smart!!

Ness said...

oh Jodi, this is fantastic news for you all. What a lucky boy he is. Hope he has a quick recovery and things are back to normal again very soon. You must be so relieved Jodi. Gorgeous photos you have of your childhood years with your broher. Love Ness xx

Anonymous said...

Yes! Jodes i am so glad, you know this happened to him for a reason? Maybe this is the only way he will straighten out, they say that when you have had a near death experience that they totally change their life around, lets hope so hey
I am so happy for you sweet xx

Lisa A said...

this is the best news, like my mum that matt and her are both in general wards..... wohoo to them both heres to Matt and Mary

phillipa said...

Am so pleased to hear Matthew is getting well Jodi and out of the coma!! Such wonderful news for you all. Big hugs to you xoxo


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