Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekends Events

You may recall a few years ago
that i proudly announced on my blog a brand new coffee shop in Gunnedah....
Well guess what??

We now have another wonderful coffee place...
(We do actually have a few more, but i personally dont use those ones...)

This one is
Hollywood on Conadilly!

I went and checked it out on Saturday and the food was so nice
beautiful coffee!!
But today when we went for our normal Monday Morning Coffee Meeting
they were closed!!!
How sad is that, so when we coffee on Mondays we wont be able to go there...... 

It has a lounge with a coffee table at the front of the shop
which Stu was very excited about,
as he will be able to have the odd "Meeting" here and they can have round table discussions
in a much better environment where they were having them before.
Room for maybe 6 - 8 people....

Much more comfortable..

But also,
they have really gorgeous affordable evening wear for skinny minnies
and some adorable shoes and handbags
and cute little gifts

So exciting!!!!

And Stu went to a motorbike Rally thing at Murrundi
it was the

And all the usual activities that the degrenerates (Said with love :))
enjoy like
The gear shops, bike shows, the burn out comp...

There were some really AWESOME BANDS apparently..
and then one really arrogant little band called
Rose Tattoo
(which apparently were totally nothing compared to some of the young unknown bands that they had there)

And of course
as there always is at these types of events...
The strippers!!

This guy was very happy to be on the receiving end of a thrown g string!!!

I dunno what the guys,
or my guy in particular sees in strippers.... honestly,
all I see is sleaze... by all means comment if you disagree....

And on an Emerald note...
Emelia is recovering from her upset last week..
Obviously the hurt will be there for a long time, but she is coping with it all...
And having a ball with the Campus Lifestyle...

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