Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stu turns 45...................

February the 18th sees Stu hit mid life!
It was just a normal Friday though, Stu wasn't feeling well enough to go out to lunch or anything.
So i endevioured to cook roast lamb for him and the stupid oven
smoked the place up as usual!
so I packed the shits and we had a microwaved roast lamb instead!
It was ok.....

Here he is blowing out his candles.  He had a cheesecake cake...

I dont know where the time has gone....
It seamed like only lat year we celebrated Stus 40th!!
So much has happened in the last 5 years!!!

Look at me, i look totally different in the face... 
Had a fringe back then!!!
Stu's hair is getting shorter!!

Marnee was still with us, as was Stus big brother Trevor

Stu and his sister got along ok...

The side yard was bare.....
There are no trees at all!
This is all forest now!

 Josh loved his Xbox as did his mates....
All in Year 10 

Emelia & Courtney are still best mates
and both still total exhibitionists...
Some things have to remain the same!!! lol

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