Friday, February 11, 2011

Brand New Addiction

There comes a time when you just want to try something new...
I discovered just before Christmas
when i went to a friends place to check out her chrissy stuff
that i want to learn to quilt!!!

My friend Nicole has some of the most beautiful quilts gracing her house
patchwork and embroidered banners on the walls
and they look adorable!!
The above is one of Nicole's Chrismtas Quilts.

I used to sew all the time...
I thought i could at least stitch a straight line..
Kinda turns out i cant!!! haha

But anyway, that being said
I went to the fabric shop with Brenda on Monday after coffee
and i saw there were some lovely quilt patterns.
And i found the most adorable "Old Lady" flannelette fabric

so i thought ok, im going to make a start!
I decided to go to the class on Thursday!!!

And guess what!
Brenda went too cause she is also making a quilt for her daughter!
So it turned out to be a wonderful day!

Here is a photo of me being industrious.....

Dontcha just love the crooked specticals...
Too busy laughing and not sewing!!!
Haha I just noticed i have the sunnies on my head too!! What a dag i tell ya!
I suppose there always has to be one in the group hey!!!


ann said...

Ohhhh Jodi that is so funny you sitting sewing with your sunnies on your head.
Nice colour combo you have chosen for your quilt...I want to see when it is finished..!!!

heirloomscrapping said...

LOL Jodie you cracked me up as I too went do this line 12 months ago and am still working on mine I can now sew a straight line and do the various patterns needed in my quilt

I reckon its only scrapbooking with fabric LOL.

Can't wait to see your quilt

Brenda said...

It was a fun day wasn't it? Looking forward to next month!


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