Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sharing some photos from AACC Emerald

 Emelia uploaded some facebook photos last night
so i would thought i would do a blog post and you can all share my tears......
I was being so brave...
All I wanted to see what what she was getting upto at College
and now that i see how much fun she is having
for some reason it makes me cry.....
She is having a ball though!!!

I have no idea about the green eyebrows, but she is wearing her bikini, so maybe its something to do with the pool and maybe zink..... as a guess!!!!
Maybe there is a problem with burnt eyebrows???
Who knows!! lol

I love the smile in this photo!
Emelia is the one in pink!!!
Even working in dirt all day, a girl has to wear pink!

 Doing some rolling in the hay!

The girls just hangin around.
Emelia is in the black hat.

I thought this photo was typical of Emelia.....
She is right in the action, getting her feet muddy!
But there is no shovel or digging implement.
Just in it for the mud i think!!!

And the after effects!

Yesterday they got to meet the foals they are going to break in...
This is wear i cry so much!!!
She has been dying to do this! Its the reason she is there....
She loves horses...
And her baby is in the paddock so lonely!!!
They are a little wary at first...

But food always does the trick
even when they are standing in a paddock full of it...

Having some one else pull it from the ground for you must make all the difference....

I miss her so much!!
I miss her energy! And I miss having another girl around.
That being said though, i think its a little ironic that i haven't had any anti anxiety/depressant medication
since she left..... I'm not saying there is anything to it, just an interesting observation!!!

OK some adjustments to the story from Emelia:

  • And the foals walked up to us haha, food had nuthing to do with it lol. but food did get to the heart of one of the little fullas haha" 
  • That wasnt the after effect that was when we were trying to unbog the troopy!! hAaha" 

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