Sunday, November 14, 2010

MasterBLOGchief - Recipe 3

Sundays come around fast!!!!
Had no idea what i was going to make this week,
and ended up looking up on Donna Hay's website to find some recipes
and found 3 i wanted to play with!!!

I dont bake!
Infact i always burn bickies!
But today i made two different types and both are edible!!

I made some

chocolate chip and hazelnut cookies

 you will find the recipe here

and also

caramel cookies

 which you will find here here

I had to replace the jersey caramels with coconut caramels as there weren't any jersey caramels in town!! Can you believe that!! Searched everywhere!!!

Then tonight i made:

lamb cutlets with sugar snaps, green beans and parsley butter

You will find recipe here

I added some herb crusted baked potatoes.
(My own Recipe!)
And there were cheers all round!
I was a bit worried about the bean accompaniment, but together it all tasted brilliant!!
So yummy!!!

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