Monday, November 15, 2010

A bit of a catchup.....

 Its been a bit of a busy few days at our place...
Appart from the functions and weddings i did this weekend
we also did some other fun things!!!

The Christmas Craft Markets were on
and I took Emelia down to make some money for Emerald next year.
Its a bit hard for her to hold a proper job at the moment, 
as she is doing a traineeship with me
(Which is similar to TAFE and it isn't a paid traineeship)
and she goes to Armidale most weekends.
so she does some physical work for me when she can to earn some $

Here we are at the markets!!
Ready to go!

Well, if i made 1 fish, i would have made 50 i think!
This is the fish.
I retail them for $10, but as it was a markets
i was doing them for $6...
They were very popular!

We also had a visit from this guy!!
Look at the shoulders on him!!!

Now for some real excitement for those ametuer photographers!!!
We had a party to go to on Saturday night.
I dont get out much so took the Opp to take some selfies...
And i just recently bought the most awesome actions for PSE.
Here is one i did with on of my photos..

The guys name is Trevor Dayley
and on his blog he has a set of ready made actions you can buy.
There is 52 for PS and 48 for PSE but only for 8 and up.
I had to buy PSE 9 so i could use the actions!!!
Go check it out here
Really easy to download and use.
It takes two clicks to change the look of the photo completely and to take a few years off the face!!!  
Yay, thats gotta be good!!!

Anyway, we went to a friend of Josh's 21st.

The guys name is "Bacon". Thats him on the left.
He is wearing a bright pink sash with 21st on it and it lights up!! lol

Here is Emelia and Me!!

And this is Solo and Emelias reunion when she got back from Armidale!!
He misses her so much!!!
Its so adorable!
Mums just not quiet fun enough!!!

So there we are, all caught up now.
You might wonder why i do these.
I actually have my blog printed into books.
I have done 3 now and only have another 3 to go to get caught up.
I think in 20 years time, these books are going to be a great way to remember our lives!!
Blog2Print i do mine through!

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