Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blog 2 Print *Jodi's Scraphaven* Book 3 In Print

Ive been doing my blog since 2007!
So much has happened over that time and i have shared it all.
Lots of personal successes
and a few failures
lots and lots of heartaces and tears..
Deaths of loved ones
New Pets
Kids leaving school...
So many things

And how exciting is it to read it all in print!!
Each 6 months i am having my blog printed into hard covered books...
Like this

The pages look like this...
Just like you type complete with spelling and grammer errors!!!

This page is my 40th Birthday party!! 
Look him thinner i was!!
Oh to be that size again!! (Damn kids and their stress) 
 See my fancy cake!!
Loved my cake!!

I get mine done through Blog 2 Print
and when its working, its excellent!
Average cost about $80 a book including postage
When i am 80 years old and demented
and the kids have grown and left me
i am going to LOVE these books!!!


lindy said...

What a fantastic idea Jodi! great memories there...

Lisa K said...

LOVE that idea!!

passion4pink said...

I am really looking forward to getting mine although I havent blogged as often as u I think theyll b an interesting read in the future.Cheers


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