Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Double Birthday!!!!! Nearly....

Our little trio has now become quads,
but it still only 3 birthday parties
cause these girls are so close together!!!!
Its Jacks Birthday today and Bridgeys on Saturday...
Here they are with their balloons..

As per usual, we had a breakie at the Verdict...
So Yummy
and exchanged gifts!

So funny though,
Jack gave Bridgey the exact thing i gave her.....
(Which is ok, cause Jack had trouble parting with it in the first place......)
and then Bridge gave Jack a spottie plate and i gave Bridge a spotty dish!!!
I think we have to start varying our fav places to shop!!!

Hope you had an awesome birthday Jack
and you have a great day on Saturday Bridgey!! Mwah!


Jackie said...

Mwah !! right back at ya xxxx Thanks again for such a lovely morning x

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jodes i had a lovely morning with you girls

phillipa said...

Lovely photo Jodes and happy birthday girls!!


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