Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dont mess with Mum

Mum and Ken are in the local pistol club here in Gunnedah.
Ken loves his guns!!
There is a new riffle range opened up now
and they went to check it out.
Its out at a place called "Nioka"
They have a great set-up
 This is Mum shooting a 303 riffle.
They are shooting at a target 900 metres away and it takes 4 seconds for the sound
to come back to them.
 This is Ken with his45/70 Black Powder Riffle!
Its a beauty isnt it..
Just like the olden days!!
 Here is the target a;; the way down the way!
Mum shot really well...
She has won quiet a few trophies this year with her pistol shooting..
Even beating Ken (Which i think he is secretly very proud about!!!)

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