Sunday, October 25, 2009

Movie Review "UP"

I was so pleased Emelia made me go watch this movie today....
I was thinking it would be funny
but would wait for it to come on DVD.
But we went to the pictures today instead
Oh my goodness
10 minutes into this movie and i was bawling
20 minutes in and i was laughing hysterically!!!
then cried, then laughed...
It really plays on your emotions....
Great movie for that person who thinks life has passed them by!!!
Theoretically, the whole balloon thing lifting a house...
Impossible!!! But what an awesome thought!!!

I loved this guy - Kevin (The bird)
He doesn't say a word and he steals the show!!!
Great movie for all ages...
Take some tissues
(I didn't and i was wiping snot everywhere!!!) lol


Ness said...

Great movie Jodi, the girls and I want to see this.

passion4pink said...

Sounds like a good one to see.
I' m on a week break so I might go and see it in between cleaning house.Thanks for the review!

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