Thursday, October 8, 2009

MIA - Annual Pony Camp

Ive been missing lately
So I thought id share why!!!!
Pony Camp!!
Its totally full on!!
Ive been a dorm Mum the last three nights, and am Lolly Lady each night so Im not getting much of a chance at the computer
and then the normal running around involved!!
Like yesterdays trip to Kibah!!!
The kids had the best day!!

Here they are.. this is their troop photo!!!
Click and run its called!!

And here is Emelia and Solo!!
Honestly, this horse TOTALLY loves his jumping!!
He didnt refuse a jump all day!!
What ever the height!!!
At one point emelia wanted a lower jump and solo wanted the higher one and he ended up jumping the stup inbetween that reached up over his chest!!!!!
Emelia nearly died of shock that he could jump so high for such a little horse!!
he is officiall 14.0 1/2.
He is tiny!!!
This was is so scary as its so wide at the base..
One horse ran straight into it!!!
I love this photo
This was maybe the highest jump, apart from the stump that Solo took all day
Came up past his chest
Its all over on Saturday
But then we are getting ready for Jamboree the following weekend!!!
Its all happening!!


Brenda said...

So that's where you were...right across the road! It looks like you all had a great time....those jumps are big and a little scary looking!

Lisa A said...

WOW looks like you had a great time, I can feel a layout coming on Jodi...


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