Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I used to have such cute kids :(

Its so sad...
The kids grow up so fast!!!!
I remember these times like that were last week....
I was looking through photos to scrap and came across some funny ones that bought back some memories......

We went camping at the Warrumbungles...
Emelia was so scared of the Wild Cats!!
I dont know???
Maybe Josh said something to her about Wild Cats, but she was so scared!!!
Anyway, they went exploring in the bush..
About 4 metres away from camp!! Too funny!!!

Josh was the brave one....
Emelia thought she was so brave!!!!
Standing right next to this HUGE kangaroo!!!
Look at the tiny little thing!!
She looked so cute as she had attacked her hair not long before this and had cut all her fringe off to the scalp!!! Hilarious!!
And here they are ready for school!!!
Emelia was in Kindy, and Josh in 2nd class!!
So cute!!!
Its all so sad really!!!!
Where have the years gone......................................

1 comment:

Taryn said...

Cute pics of your kids, Jodi. Scary how quickly they grow up!


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