Saturday, October 17, 2009

Breastcancer Fundraiser at Chookscraps

What an absolute honour is it to be involved with the
Chookscraps Fund-raising Auction
this weekend
You can join the auction for a layout done by me!!!
Rest assured, it will be a lovely layout using the best products like Prima, if you have a girl layout, or equally as lovely if its a boy you would like scrapped!!!

Please pop into the auction and have a look at the other fab scrappers that are offering a layout...
Go here to see Auction guidelines
and here to put a bid on mine

Chookscraps is a bit special for me!!
Its where my online scrapping started
but not only that, its where other scrapper gave me the encouragement
and confidence i needed to continue trying to scrap
the best pages i could!!!!
So what a pleasure it is to be involved with this event!!

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