Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Pony Club Photos

Here are a few photos from the Pony Club Gymkana.
We are off to the Jamboree in Quirindi on Thursday
and then hopefully we are done with the overnight horsey things and i can start scrapping again!!!!

Here is Emelia finishing the Rider in Action course.
You can see Solo is very taken up with coming first!! lol

Emelia is jumping E grade which frsutrates her to no end!!!
The HI wont upgrade her much to our dissappointment!!!
She doesn't like Solo apparently!!! Its one thing that Solo really loves is his jumping!
He rarely plays up.... If he's being riden...
Of course any horse left sitting in the paddock for a month and then expected to perform is going to have something to say about it!!!

Hopefully after this weekend at Jamboree Emelia is going to ask again to be upgraded.

1 comment:

Lisa A said...

Great photos Jodi as usual
looks like emelia and solo are really enjoying themselves and its good to see Solo behaving himself


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