Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gunnedah Floods..... again.....

It seams to be a running habit...
Floods at the start of Wheat Harvest!
For a farming town, this can make or break so many families!
And this is the third year in a row, and this year was going to be a good year!
My hubby is a grain broker, so he connects ends users and producers.
If there is no grain, there is no money!
Same old story it seams....

So here are this years photos..
You can see previous flood posts from 2008 here
Fires in Nov 2009 here
and 2010 here

Its funny, there are the same boys in some of these photos from years before!!!
These are the streets down near the river..
This Chandos street.
The other end to where my shop is located!

The road is only closed to 4 wheeled creatures, not four legged creatures!!! Haha

You will notice these same boys in one of those other posts too!!
So Funny!

This is the view from Porky...
There is lots of local water laying around.

Overlooking the Mooki River..

Heading out on the Tamowrth Road which is cut!
Brenda lives out there!

This is the water we were looking at in earlier photos...

Its interesting looking back over the years on my blog!
What a wonderful way to preserve history!
Typical Australian Climate....
Floods and Fires all in the same months....

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