Sunday, November 27, 2011

Breaking Dawn..............

Last week Bridge and I went to see the second last Twilight Movie

Breaking Dawn Part 1!

I cant even begin to tell you the improvement on the acting!
It was no comparison to the previous movies!
We even saw some semblance of emotion on Bella! Huge Shock!
As you all know, I am totally for the DOG!
But Edward blew me away this movie!
This was his movie I think.
Plus after seeing Water For Elephants staring  Reece Witherspoon and Robert Patterson,
I am a bit of a Robert Patterson fan now...
It seams that he is finally growing into his Acting Career!
In Water for Elephants he even outshone Reece!
Anyway the wedding scene was devine!
I so have to work out how to recreate this look!
It was perfect!
Loved the twisted timber seating and arch!
But i dont have super strength to do that! Bummer! :(

Even if you arent a Twilight fan, you would be hard not to love this movie!
Bridge and I sat on the edge of our seats the whole time
it was so stressful wondering what was going to happen
and we knew cause we had read the book!
It was brilliant!
Highly recommend watching it!

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Jasmine S said...

Oh I cannot wait to see this. Hubby and I are going this week. Yep, he is a Twilight fan too.
And loved how you love the DOG cause I did too. Edward was never "strong" enough for me so I cannot wait to see him in this film.


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