Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hellooooo Out there.....................

Hey there bloggers......
I'm so sorry that its been ages since I have blogged!
Its been so HUGELY busy with the new shop and getting my Kaisercraft commitments done prior to Christmas shut down!
So I thought Id better just hop on and do a quick post to let you know I'm still alive!
Let me share a link with you too...
Here is a link to my new
Enchanted Events and Balloons Blog here
Please jump on and become a follower
as the more followers I have to more internet exposure I get and the more people will come through my doors!

With Christmas just around the corner, last week I sent the very "easy going" Molly
out dressed as Miss Santa to drum up some shop front displays over Christmas...

Here we all are... Laura wasnt in this day so she isnt in this piccie.
But I have three gorgeous girls helping me out now.
Meg on the right will be my first "trainee" as soon as she is old enough!
Meg comes in twice a week and helps me out with absolutely anything that needs to be done!
She is such an angel!
I say to her "What do you feel like doing today Meggy?" and she says "I think I will iron!"
As you might imagine, I do get stacks of ironing!!
With chair covers and sashes and things.....

So that's about it for now...
I will have some more Kaisercraft peaks soon..

Also, my new Scrapbook Shop
The Scrapbook Nook is up and running and has done my first class!! 
I am taking numbers for my next class now commencing 28th Nov. This will be a Card Swap Plaque done in Vintage Styling...
This one actually!


lindy said...

Hi Jodes so glad the shop is going so well...

phillipa said...

Gosh all seems to be going so well for you girl! What an easy-going boss you are!!!!

Rebekkah said...

Wishing you all the best in your new ventures they look amazing
Bek xx


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