Monday, April 18, 2011

Emelia is home........

Well cyclone Emelia flew home on Friday!!!
The house is no longer quiet
and definitely no longer tidy!!!!
And guess what!
I dont even care! I dont care that much that today is Monday and im not even going to clean!!!

On Saturday we went down to see Solo.
Of course, Solo being Solo was only interested in the food we had for him
and Emelia was concerned that he didn't even
"Recognize her exsistance!"
And that he is so very fat!

So yesterday we marched down there armed for battle
with his Halter!!!
He didnt want to be caught!
Emelia chased him for a while  getting him moving!
He is too fat to get out of his own road!
And when she got sick of that, it was up to Mum to catch him!

I wont play his games you see and he knows that.
So i found some left overs of his favorite food!!!

So without any saddle or bridal as usual
she got on him to teach him some respect!!
It didn't take long!
He totally does not like submitting this horse,
but instantly she had him doing exactly what she wanted and there were no questions about who the boss was!!!

So then we cleaned him up a bit
took all the burs out of his hair
and gave him a good brush and they love each other again now...

Then it was time to see just how quiet he is....

Riding him just with leg aids.

Laying on his back

Sitting backwards...
Now, lets see if he will let me stand on him!!!

Didn't bother him at all!

But please, dont ask me to go into Cimmi's stable.....
After all these months, Solo wont go into the stables to be fed. He has to be fed outside them!!

So all is right with the world again for the next week or so, until she flys back to school.
Although, she is very bored, there is no excitement! 
No Parties
No instant entertainment!!!
Off Campus life is no fun! :(
Anyway, who said visiting your family was going to be fun!!! lol

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Karen Shady said...

what gorgeous photos, and a lovely story Jodie :) Sound like cyclone Amelia :) has a definate way with her horse ... I loved all you work in S.Creations this month :)


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