Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Keith Urban Get Closer World Tour Tamworth 12.04.11

I was there and it was Awesome!!!

Ive been to see Pink, ACDC & Bon Jovi
and i can safely say I walked away thinking this was the most real performer i have ever seen!
There were no stage acrobatics, no flashy staging,
just Keith and his band doing what they do and it was Brilliant!!!!

He was supported by Lady Antebellum
OMG These guys are brilliant!!!

I got seated tickets which apparently was a difficult thing to do.
I didn't know, all i know is that i got online to buy tickets
and went through the process only to have standing as being an option
and i thought "I dont want to stand!!"
So then started the whole process again and got to choose seating or standing!!!

What i only just learnt this morning was that tickets sold out in an hour after opening at 8am.
So they released a few more tickets and 9am and that was about the time i had my second attempt and not getting standing tickets, so i lucked out big time!!!!

I bought two tickets, knowing that Brenda went a couple of years ago and thought she might want to go again, but i didn't think to ask her beforehand.
But luckily when i told her, she told me she loved me!! Hehe!
So I guess that meant yes we were going together!!  

So we got the glad rags on....
and went to spend the night with Keith!!!

I think our seats were pretty bloody awesome!
You know you go to concerts and you get to see them perform on the screen
but the screen wasn't an option.
You can see my seat was right beside the screen,
all the action i got was the real thing!!
And it was perfect!!!

They reacon there was over 5000 people there.

Keith reminisced about his memories of Tamowrth
and coming to his first Country Music Festival when he was 9.
He came with friends and camped in the Caravan Park.
They went and did their thing and he came back to a tent full of water as they had a storm go over!!
(It still rains and/or floods every year!!)

He talked about busking when he was younger
and seeing all the Country Music Stars and being inspired by them.
It wasn't until 1990 though when he won
Star Maker that the world of country music really embraced him
and things started to change
He says that was his pivotal moment in history.

You could really see his appreciate for the town too.
The performance was really personal.

I have a series of photos here.
Keith was facing us playing away
and Brenda is yelling out

At this point he stopped and was looking around for the person responsible
which was enough encouragement to continue

So he continues singing, but you can tell he is having a look 
and Brenda keeps singing out.

So he is still looking!!!

Then BAM!!
He spotted her/us!!
She was screaming and i was photoing!!!
He looked right at us 

Well needless to say
the singing out continued
and i started yelling out too
He sang out back to me
"I Love you too, but i dont know who you are!!!"

It was AWESOME!!!!

Another great thing he did was pop up through the crowd so everyone got a close look.
In this photo below he popped up two bays down from us and was playing in the teared seating.
When he stopped playing, he unplugged his guitar
signed it, and gave it to the kid sitting near him!!!
How Awesome is that!!! 

There was also a group on the floor
that had a big blow up doll with Keiths face stuck on the front
and wearing a tour t shirt.
He spotted it and pulled it up on stage to sign it.
And had a great old yarn with the fans!!!

This little kid,
you can only just see him 
was holding up a sign all night!
Keith spotted him and got him up on stage.
Had a chat to him about instruments he played.
Jack his name was and he came from Coffs Harbour.
Anyway Jack plays the recorder
so Keith is asking around, does anyone have a recorder so Jack could play!!
Keith goes, well in future we are bringing a recorder on tour
so next time Jack can play for us.
that would have been Wicked Cool. 
(His Words)

There was so much great things about this concert,
But i think we all agree, that this thing was the best part!!!

 Yep, he certainly holds those jeans in place very well!!!! :)


Anonymous said...

That is just soo cool! He talked to the little kid? How sweet is that! Sounds like you had an awesome night! You gotta tell that Keith to take it easy on your back nest time:)

Brenda said...

I'd go back again and again to watch him in concert. Brilliant!!


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