Sunday, April 17, 2011

Playing Didgem Cars

Emelia talked Josh into heading to Tamworth yesterday for a spot of shopping!
You know that feeling you get sometimes 
when you wave off your whole life in one car???

Yeh, I got that feeling as i was waving these guys off yesterday!
Both kids in one car heading to Tamworth in the rain!!!

And then Stu gets this phone call!
They have been in an accident!!
Oh My GOD!!!

There was a slick of oil on the roundabout in the outside lane,
Josh went around it and it has had him sliding off the road
and into the tree in the foreground
bounced off the tree
spun back around
and landed here.

Thank goodness
neither kids were hurt!! 
They both got out of the car laughing because it was like dodgem cars.
Bouncing off one thing and then bouncing off something else!!!

But there is extensive damage to the crumple zone!
And thank goodness there was!!

They just missed the spot that sets the air bag off allowing them to drive the car home slowly!
There is damage to the cars frame, so quiet possibly they will write if off!!
Thankfully though the kids are both safe!!


Giovanna (GiGi) said...

ah geez, not you too Jodi. including me, that's 3 i know in car accidents this week. take care of the kiddies

lindy said...

Jodes!! poor little car look at all that damage ...glad the kids are ok, bit it's good to have her home??

phillipa said...

Oh God Jodi I'm just glad they're ok!! Must be nice to have Emelia home for a while too. xx

Joanne said...

Terrible news but I'm glad they're ok.

Brenda said...

OMG! I don't quite know what to say, but I'm so so pleased they're home and safe now.


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