Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Day at the Range

The World IFAA 3D Titles are on in Australia over Easter
Back in 2006/2007
I was really looking forward to these titles coming here and had full intention of attending,
But life got in the road and i really haven't shot that much Archery ever since.
I had intended to return to it this year
but unfortunately today was my first shoot back 4 months in
so not in form to attend the Worlds.

But there are 20 from our Club going to Wagga Wagga to compete against other Archery Shooters from all over the World. Should be awesome!
So that being the case, our club has really tried to enhance the local range with interesting targets
and tricky shots!!
So today i did my first 3D shoot maybe since 2006 Australian Archery Titles.

Notice what the boys are scoring here??

Yes its a Stegosaurus!!!
He is just a little baby one though, he doesn't bite!!

Here is Stu taking a down hill shot

Right at the bottom of this hill is a.....

He is dead too, one of us got him in the middle...
Not me, that pink one down the bottom is my arrow!!!

Stu was pretty impressed with himself when he killed the turkey!!!
Poor Turkey!

And this a Javelina or Bob Javelina as Stu was calling him!
I was very impressed to get an A, I think i only got like 4 the whole day!

Can you see what is at the bottom of this hill?

A crocodile!!!
He was very sedate in the sun today though, no chance of anyone being bitten!

This is a Cougar
and I killed it too!!!

This was the longest shot for today
People estimated at anywhere from 48 - 55 metres...
Can you see what it is?

Its a Bear!!!

I got him in the dick with my first shot
so i had another go higher and went in the tree..
Destroyed the Arrow!!1

Here was another tricky shot
through the trees....
Whilst standing in the tree!!
I said to Stu (Who is one of the range captains)
You weren't thinking of fat people with this one were you!!!!

And here was another tricky shot!

So apart from my really sore feet, being very tired,
aching legs
and slight sun burn
It was a really great day!
Although im not looking forward to tomorrow,
I just know my shoulders and back are going to be killing me!!!


lindy said...

Looks like you and Stu had a good day apart from the arrow in the tree and a couple of other mishaps lol!!i can imagine how sore you'll be in the morning

heirloomscrapping said...

Awesome stuff you will 10 mins from our place and the site is look fabulous about there I pass it everyday when do you arrive??????????????

kerry said...

Looks fab Jodi and i think the animals look scary tee hee take care Kerry xx

Brenda said...

Go Jodi....looks like a fantastic day! I do feel sorry for the bear!

phillipa said...

Ah Jodi you always make me laugh at some point in your posts!! Lol!
Glad you had a great day. xx

Anonymous said...

Is this how Australians do mini golf or something? This is the FUNNIEST thing I have ever seen! How awesome!!

Anonymous said...

OK, Now I have read the whole post! Ummm you know how to make a Panther and Bear pretty mad, huh??
Now I see that you guys are serious archers! I will be nice and hope to never meet you in the forest!


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