Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spare some thoughts and Prayers for Queensland Flood Victims

No one would understand the devastation unless they have experienced it first hand!
To have lost everything!
All your life building up your home and your collections
to have lost them all in one foul swoop.....
How can anyone even begin to understand what people are experiencing.

First with Toowoomba and surrounding towns.
Toowoomba sitting 700m above sea water!
Who would think that this town would ever be washed away,
but that it was as 8 meters of rushing water came gushing through the town.
People were given no warning, they were living their lives and doing what people do when all of a sudden
a wall of water came rushing upon them.
Through the shopping districts
washing away cars full of people

And then with Wivenhoe dam at 200% capacity
There was no choice put to open the flood gates and allow the water to escape down stream
through the suburbs of Brisbane.
It was a controlled release,
but sill the devastation was immense!!

This Brisbane River runs right through the middle of the CBD

Australia is the full of the funniest characters
In the middle of all this devastation
and dreadful sadness
There are still the larakins
that bring smiles to many faces!!

Here is the Wally Lewis statue
outside of Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane

He has his floaties
his goggles and breathing equipment!!

And now with the waters receding
there is the horrible mess to clean up...
And the body count!
Rescuers arn't looking forward to wading through the debris on this bridge
with the surprise of the waters people were still on the roads in their cars
and have been stranded and washed away!
They are expecting to find people perished here...

And then there are photos like this one...
The poor wildlife finding respite where they can.

Emelia has been carefully keeping an eye on horse rescuers
there have been so many studs with all their horses lost!!
Its just so sad!!

If you would like to donate towards helping the residents of Queensland survive, clean up and soon rebuild
here is a link to the government Donations site


Jackie said...

Isn't it devastating... I've been glued to the t.v. for the last few days.. What a powerful thing Mother Nature is !!

Jules the Bling Princess said...

Jodi, I think for many Queenslanders, the hardest thing to comprehend is that we have just spent years enduring one of the worst droughts in history. Now we are at the other end of the spectrum dealing with some of the worst floods in history. Is there no respite? I was one of the fortunate ones. We came through this relatively unscathed. But my heart goes out to all those families less fortunate, who have lost loved ones. They can't be replaced. So, so sad.

phillipa said...

It's just awful Jodi and after being through the '74 flood I'm glad I don't have to drive anywhere where I have to see all that water. We have a tenant in the house on the farm at Gatton and nobody has heard from him so we are very concerned. DH is going to go for a drive out there as soon as he can get through.


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