Friday, January 21, 2011


I just thought this week i would share some memories with you....
This is Emelias last week at home..
She is heading off to Emerald Queensland,
12 hours drive away to attend Agricultural College....
We are so excited for her,
But we are all so sad and depressed about it...
Thats it for us now, both kids are doing their own thing.

So here is a little walk down memory lane...

Ag College all started with this....
This one little ride at the show,

Emelia came home and put this photo in a MCDonalds frame and stuck it on Stuarts side of the bed.
Ever since this she was going to own a horse farm...

Although the only horses she could ride were the stuffed kind.
We didn't have to money or the space to have a horse.

So in the mean time, she made the best of it.
She had 100s of horses to play with, she would spread them everywhere!!!

And when the horses we too roudy and had to be packed away,
she would sort everything else into families.
She was a huge fan of my folk art paints
which were kept in horse families according to breed (The colour of the paint)
and also textas and pencils were sorted this way!

Then in 1997 we went for a holiday to a Farm Stay in Oberon.
Its was the Sept/Oct School Holidays
and it was FREEZING!
It was Emelias choice this year on where she wanted to go
and she wanted to go to a horse farm!!

She was a bit nervous about the horses

But totally LOVED the riding!!

But the deal was done
when overnight saw the birth of a foal!!
She was so excited!!!

 And that was it...
Its what she has wanted to do ever since....


Jackie said...

awwwww Jodes... when does she go - think we might need to do coffee that day xx

Hilary said...

Jodi, that is just so gorgeous. It has actually made me a bit teary, so I can't imagine how you all must feel. And my DD had a pony ride a few months back and hasn't stopped talking about it. EEEEK!!!

Kylie said...

you must be very proud of her xx


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