Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day 2011

Emelia left the house early to do the Australia Day thing
and Josh had indoor plans,
so Stu and i donned our Australia Day Sombreros
(they totally arent Australian type hats though are they!!)
and headed down to the river for the raft race!

It was so muddy and dirty after all the recent rains and floods
but it was a good flow and very safe for the race

I am totally going to do this next year!
I say this every year, but i think its time i did!!
Even if its just once!
I will ask a few other Mums and we can have the old birds raft!!

This was a very well thought out raft.
A couple of dads with the kids.

This one was a trampoline with the drums wired to it!
Obviously got a bit hot on the butt though as all the sailors were in the river!!

Here was a very patriotic raft!

And anther well thought out raft complete with captains seat!
Once again, most sailors had bailed and we in the water!!

This was a well made raft!
And all the boys seamed quiet pleased with their efforts!!

But my altime favourite raft this year was this guy!
In the bath tub!
And where is his life jacket!! Your not allowed to race without it!
He must have pitched it during the race!!

I dont know who won it, but all these rafts were among the last to get back!

It was so hot!
We peaked at 46 in our yard today but sat mostly around that 44 mark!
The river was a good place to be!
But even the pool only had a few people there after lunch!
The sun was just scorching!!!
Lets hope for a cooler day tomorrow!

1 comment:

Brenda said...

Looks like a fun day on the river, not much cooler but fun!

Is there no-where to escape this heat, we went up into the hills ( Green Valley Farm ) near Guyra looking for such luck, it was stinkin hot there too. We came home to a house like an oven, the air too hot to breathe.....I wanted to cry!!!


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