Thursday, January 20, 2011

Country Music Time 2011 - Yeeharrrr!!

 Its that time of the year again when Country Music lovers converge on Tamworth..
Numbers are down though..
Driving past the camping grounds that in years past have been tent peg to tent peg, 
the area between tents was huge!!!
And rather then the 30 porta loos that are lined up in a row
there was 4!!!
Who would think that the Qld floods would have such an impact on this festival!
Even the streets were alot less crowded.

Here we are right in the middle of the street
with the markets behind us
and the muscos all around...

We spotted the camels and immediately
Emelia wanted to take one for a ride....
It lasted a couple of minutes.

They have little baggies on their butt to catch their poo!!
I found that amaising!
Like little nappies,,

See their cute little cowboy hats....

Coming home with their balloons...

They are so quiet, obviously used to having people around them and patting them.
It was so hot for the poor things, but i suppose they are a desert animal and used to carting people around in the heat.

I bought this cute little cowboy dolly on a stick!!!
Kinda reminds me of a line dancer actually!! haha

Here is Emelia and Me
With the camels there behind us...

These were very odd...
They were walking around the crowd singing country western songs and promoting different events.
The woman is singing and dancing along
And the guy has the amplifier and speakers in the back of the weird little car...

And when in Rome....
We had some tart photos taken...
I am the madam of the house obviously and Emelia is the worker!! haha
Ar, yeh, not much more the say about that...
Suffice that i filled out the erm, corsette quiet well!!!

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