Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day Dinner 2011

We all went (not Josh but, he hates that kinda thing)
to the Australia Day Dinner last night at the PCYC
I nominated Emelia's friend Miranda for an 
Australia Day Award for under 21.

So Emelia and I first spent the entire day decorating!
OMG it was so hot!
In the yard here it was 45.9!!!
I was working out in the shed most of the day blowing up 100s of balloons
for the event, and it was sweltering!!
It took most of the day!
We were done by about 4.30 and then came home to get dressed for the event
starting at 6.30!!

So here we are all dolled up ready to go!

(Note the necklace on correctly this time!! I checked!! haha)

And now with Josh!! Yay!

He looks very impressed dosnt he!
But check out the family selfy!!

(open your eyes Stu!!!)

And here we are the Dinner.
This is Miranda who we nominated.
She had a brilliant year last year, but there was a few bright young kids that did some awesome things as well, I would have hated to have been the judge!
Any teenager who achieves great things in this day needs an award i think!!!

This is a photo of the young group of girls that performed during the night!
They did really well and were very entertaining!
They are having a benefit concert on Friday night for the Queensland Flood Victims
at the PCYC!!
You can see a couple of my balloons......

Gunnedah had 4 National Australia Day Award Recipients.
How wonderful for a small town.
It really opens your eyes when you go to nights like these and see how much normal people do for the community and how much difference it can make.
We saw people ranging from in their teens
to well into their 80s that contribute to the Gunnedah Region on a recognisable basis.
It makes you sit back and think, what is it that i can offer the community!

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chrisw said...

what gorgeous pics,love the one of you and your daughter especially,beautiful!


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