Saturday, September 24, 2011

A new little Neice - Zali Kathline Margaret

This is my brother Gary's little family!!
Arent they adorable!!
Little Zane is so funny, he sat next to Mum nicely for about a second
and then jumped on Mum's back for the photos instead!
Isn't it a perfect photo!

Zali was about 4 days old when this photo was taken..

Here she is with her Aunty Jodi..
She will get to know me really well soon!

And here is the cheeky little Mr himself!!!
Zane is an adorable boy!

 This little bloke is a LEGEND on the drums
This is his little set that he whacks like a pro
and he even has a decent go on his Dads big set!!

It was just a flying visit.
We were only there overnight, but hopefully will see them all again real soon!

1 comment:

Di Garling said...

Cute bubs Jodi. You will get to use up all thoses "Z's"that are left over in your stash now. Can definately see some cute baby pages coming up!! Cheers Di xx


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