Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jazz at Jesse - Father's Day with Matt

Jesse Hunt Nursing Home at Narrabri
had their 30 Years Celebrations today..
So seeing as its Fathers Day
and Matt's Kids were too far away to visit
Mum & I headed over to join in the festivities with Matt....

Mum also had a specail Fathers Day present for Matt.
Mum sent a letter to South Sydney Football Club a while ago
just care off the oval mind you!!!
About Matthew's situation.
And the history Matthew has with the club itself.
He was identified by the club at 8 years old as being a kid to watch.
He participated in exchange programs with the club to train these kids in the City
with the view of playing in the Sydney Comp.
As well as that, my Cousin married a Rabittohs Player a few years back
and Matthew met the players at their wedding.
Of course being the character Matt is,
he entertained the boys all night with his hero worship!!
He got them all the sign his hat
and then sometime latter, they also sent him a signed Jersey.
To the "Happiest Drunk" we've ever met!!
Anyway, after this incident with Matt, 
his belongings had gone missing and he was pining away for his Jersey!!
It was something he treasured and it came from very fond memories
from a night on the grog with these footy players!
All this was in the letter Mum wrote and sent to the Oval!!!

Through the week Mum got a parcel....
Which was given to Matthew today

It was a signed Jersey...

The letter read:
Dear Margaret,
In regard to the letter you wrote concerning the unfortunate circumstances involving your son Matthew Heagney, please accept the South Sydney Rabbitohs 2011 jersey signed by the current roster of players.
Souths Cares are allocated a number of signed jerseys by the South Sydney Rabbitohs to donate to charitable organization of fundraising purposes - each jersey is registered by the club as proof of authenticity.
On reading your letter we thought it would be appropriate to send you one of our registers jerseys numbered 123.
If there is anything else we can assist with in the future please don't hesitate contacting the South Sydney Rabbitohs Club.
Yours sincerely
South Cares.

Needless to say, when Mum read Matthew the letter, the tears flowed.
He recalled how they said he was the Happiest Drunk
and was so touched that they would do this for him!
Of course, it had to go on..

So he was in fine form for a very social day of celebration
All dressed up in his new jersey
we headed into the gardens for some Jazz...

It was such a pleasant setting
with a Jazz Band playing lovely easy listening music
there was a coffee man set up,
there were devonshire teas and beautiful fresh scones
and the Mens Shed was on the BBQ.

So we spent the majority of the day listening to the music
before Matt started to get too tired and we headed in.

It was a lovely fathers day with Matthew..
and although i do feel a little guilty i didn't spend it at home with my hubby
Poor Matthew doesn't have the choice
and he would have been so lonely with all the celebrations going on
but no one to celebrate with...
Hopefully he will get to see his own kids soon.... 
Its a work in progress...


Lisa A said...

jodi you really are an angel sent from above, Happy Fathers Day Matt..

heirloomscrapping said...

just beautiful Jodie just beautiful

Lori said...

What a lovely started off my morning with such a sweet thankful spirit...thank you for sharing. Wishing love and happiness to you and Matthew.


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